Pre-show Marketing Strategy

Gain a competitive edge before the upcoming Trade Show

Be part of the attendees' agenda. With Person-Based targeting, you can create multiple touchpoints with your buyers all year long while extending the lifespan of your events.

76% of attendees come to the show with an agenda of the booths they plan to visit.

Build relationships & watch revenue grow year-after-year

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Before your event

Set up a pre-show marketing strategy, expand the prospect list, and target a filtered audience. Reach and Engage the buyers from the upcoming event.

After your event

Use Intent Signals and stay connected with the right message at the right time. Improve your Outbound Sales.

During your event

Fire Up your VISIBILITY. With Mobile Ads, make buyers come to your stand. Create buzz around your brand and the exhibition stand.

Target Smarter. Exhibit Smarter.

With Person Based targeting technology, reach your buyers, and engage them. Before, During, and After the event.

Elevate your brand across all your events using one tool

Prioritize buyers, analyze Intent score and detect who is ready for sale. With Mobile Ads, Make buyers come to your exhibition stand.

Stay in contact with your audience year-round to ensure they’re aware of and engaged with new events and product updates

Track and measure awareness, engagement, and connections

Measure ROI for your campaigns. Know what works, what needs to change–and secure your prospects for next event.

A thorough review of your event analytics to understand every aspect & improve your next edition

Understand your audience

Review ads campaign and engagement of your events with our analytics team.

Improve your strategy

We'll show you what worked well and what to improve to increase engagement.

Stay on top of reporting

Our team can create business intelligence reports to help you predict demand and make buyers come to your stand.

Be ready for the next event with Space.UA’s technology!

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